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Some PMP and CAPM exam candidates report that the Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs (ITTOs) for the Processes make up more than 50% of the CAPM exam and PMP exam candidates indicate that ITTOs are critical to a successful PMP exam result.

Of course, you cannot and should not memorize the ITTOs.

Ideally, you should understand what the Process will produce, what things you need to know or have at your fingertips before you begin the process and what tools and techniques are available to you when performing the process.

This game has been designed to help you visualize and assimilate the ITTOs better. You are not trying to get a perfect score, but improving your score would be very satisfying and helpful, wouldn’t it?

NOTE: The ITTO Game is included in all the Exam Simulator subscriptions however you can also subscribe to the game alone.

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